Dressing room, Part 2 

Sorry for this so girly title.

This blog hasn’t turned into a podcast (not yet…) nor the second volume of a literary work. As first readers of it, I have honored you with my Urban collection, it’s time now for the second chapter. Why? Well, I moved out. These kind of things happened. Not my intention to explain why, « the heart has its personal reasons of which reason knows nothing.«  But playing hide and seek with cardboard boxes, picking and packing memories, I had the pleasure of covering off some delicate, vintage or new walking objects. Another proof of the false bottom, well maybe not false but for sure double bottom of a girl shoe closet. It reveled being the perfect Summer enjoying its accessories. So be ready, Winter is not coming yet!

Not hot months without wedding. This would be the perfect alibi to exhibit your new Black sparkling High heels Mellow Yellow sandals or these Black Repetto patent and nude leather comfortable heels. It is said that « the bride wears Black«  easy with this small heel and very sharp Zapa shoes. Black… or White with these classic Peter Kaiser heels. And after same sex marriage resolution, we might keep following the boyfriend jean spirit. Try to wear like a man these JB Martin Richelieu shoes with scale design.

Seeing life with multicoloured is not a burden in Summer. The American look is the perfect fit with with striped Converse, choose your shades: Greenish Yellow, Pink, Purple on one side, Corail Pink, White on the other side. And for the last colorful cherry on the cake: this shiny collaboration between Bensimon and Liberty London.

But summer won’t be break time without leisure and sports. Golf course would be very soft with these Leather Dark Blue Bally Elegant sneakers. Walking or hiking will be a real pleasure with these Red flashy Pataugas shoes.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

And catching up with the heavenly beach spot will be a hot tip with Orange Clarks sandals with Pink leather rose and these Light Blue handcrafted flip-flops, handmade during a prosecco break on the tiny narrow Italian streets.


Let’s hang out together !



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