Head over heels of shoes : 

“Are you a fetishist?” It’s the first question I’ve been asked after confessing my passion for shoes. Well, I’m not ashamed of it but I still feel weird about this obsession. So I do not like feet. These 5 tiny bent naked fingers are sometimes very disgusting. And they need stylish clothes!! Shoes is not only Fashion Week (“Her dress is so ugly, she looks likePurple_converse_WTFrenchPeople a potato sack”) but the best accessory dresses foot, as the final touch of style. Sneakers or switch heels shoes won’t set the same walk and elegance.

Looking at my useful and funny closet, it seems like the United Nations of shoes. Fashion doesn’t always support “Made In France”. 

My basic sneakers are not as bright as they used to. Remains of rainy muddy days at Solidays Festival (Why buy boots? We are not in the UK!).White_converse_WTFrenchPeople

These two pairs of Converse footwear bought in China (in an official shop!) display their strangeness with a double-strap Purple and Blue and fine Purple border on White shoes.

More stylish but still casual, these Camper’s shoes with Minnie Mouse’s type or Scottish Red fabric plaid’s look: my high heels by Wonders.

Best way to erase gloom of autumn : put colours thanks to Clarks shoes bought in the exciting city of London.

Smart but mere French style with Repetto’s shoes. Very French, very Parisian with these Black Ballerina High Cendrillon Butt leather sole and Deluxe sneaker with the pattern of Zizi shoes and Pink satin laces.



Let’s hang out together !




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