Remainder of Cannes Film Festival 2015 

Now that tempest is blown over, camera flashes left for a sunny soothing landscape and French cinema creators blushed on Red Carpet, time to have a flashback look with a stock taste.

IMG_7376RMay indicates first hot breathes with giant veggie salads and a silly Southern game. The purpose draws some blurred lines : producing long queues full of cinema lovers that could drive to the heavenly big screen. But counting barriers and fences to the IMG_0886Rendearing path of the cinematic dream, it seems that obstacles stood up to the wonderful glamorous world. So fantastic? Tourists may remain a bit naive but …. we can’t. Who? We are the locals. You know. Those who say « oh Cannes is a nightmare !« , every year, when foreigners put sparkling stars in their eyes after the South revelation. Yes, but we are also those wishing so badly to get their golden tickets onto the Red carpet. Then mocking stepladders guardians, we are the first boasting on social media about watching the late Woody Allen. Woody or Hou Hsiao-Hsien. I know it is really unbelievable but every Cannes inhabitant is not all posh Gossip Girl with a carrot cake tan loving showing off on the Croisette. This real border became stiff and tough between bright celebrities beaches and dark cinema theaters.

First advice in Cannes is to get the line. Which one? If media eyes put spotlights on the Red carpet motorway, newbie is more than lost looking for the right signs. Colours and inscriptions can make them dizzy, and sometimes make them feel lost in translation or jet lagged, « film market«  and « journalists«  can be metamorphosed into « Eat it«  or « Follow me«  depending on … card.

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This flashy pass is the only way to survive in this wonderful maze. How come? A very secret badge? Let’s spoil the magic mystery. The small world of Cannes film festival IMG_0880Rrewards his fans and habitants. Well it used to be: « Cannes Festival is today : a catastrophe.«  During a report about newcomers, I had the chance to meet some shop keepers of the cinema city, especially those who are totally part of the folklore. « 17 hours a day of work and a disappearance of international clients, I’m really unhappy for the late editions. Outside the Croisette and on rue d’Antibes, we feel? left behind. There are two festivals now, one for us and one for the stars ; Cannes is just a city of restaurants and IMG_7350Rhigh-class shops.«  But who said that? A photographer, owner of a shop in Cannes for 20 years. The same one who by night, runs after sequined high heels and Black and White bow ties to get the trendy souvenir which will remain in grandma’s dining room for ages… Well, Cannes is also a festival for the locals. Something between dream and illusionless reality, « Now they can be approached, when I was 24, I took my camera, went to Carlton hotel and shot stars like Hitchcock, Godard… People are still dreaming about the festival but are stuck into a fence just to glance Brad Pitt in a two-mile far screen…«  The steps gang is the first who pays the toll. We are now following the trends. Town contacts are not enough tIMG_7357Ro fulfill the dream, and Golden doors are not closed. I heard « if only it was a only professionals’ festival…«  Yes, if only, there would be no individuals, no tears, no cries, no audience, nothing. The VIP pass is the only answer for the first-class event and even if Cannes tries to make up with Midem for a party they could not attend any longer. A girl from Cannes whispers « it was the good times« . Oh yes, that was when with my mates, my high heels rustled Red Carpet. And like during a Sunday cinema session, I held out my ticket to the black dress lady usher and could share experience with +1 like other repeat « the same thing«  at any order. Just a convivial time, symbolism of my teenage years. Oh, I miss you. I miss you, Cannes.

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  1. […] Cannes is not only the film festival city, puppets shine on the hills over the Mediterranean sea as the Arketal company settled there for a while. Creating some dreaming child​ren’s​ shows from 7 to 77 years old still arty and French literature lovers ​such a​s the new creation around La Fontaine’s Fables. Creative meeting with Sylvie Osman, co​-​creator of the company, puppeteer and producer. […]


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