Because this jet-lagged adventure is not a solo crossing, these are the amazing mates who made the What The French People cake. One girl who drew the lines of this hexagonal project and the other one who said « Excuse my French » so many times. 

Rereading by Salma B. 
French-English teacher, translator and writer about non-825277standard varieties, accents and other words.
Aix-en-Provence-based urban sociolinguist highly passionate about media, language, identities and Britishness.
Multilingual speaker and communication connoisseur doing research in linguistics. Applying marketing and sociolinguistics to advertising. Observing multicultural urban speech in England and France.
Feel free to drop me a line to discuss advertising strategies, translation matters, slang and dialect usage, intercultural communication or language teaching. Ta.


Design by Amandine G.
mensch2Living in London is great but hard. You need to be ready. Ready to be brave, to be great. Ready to struggle and fight. Ready to win and celebrate. Ready to spend tremendous amount of money and energy. Most of all, you need to believe in yourself. And that’s why sometimes living in London is not so easy.
Now working for a retail company i’m currently looking for the prince job charming. If you are creating your brand and if your are looking for a crazy creative frenchy able to design and do online marketing, contact me by : 


Or Draw me a line ..



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