The Great Fitzgerald still awards American writers in France

5 stars event for a prize as big as the Ritz

« On a Friday Evening while Riva mahogany boats dazzle along the water front, the world and its literature mistress return to Gatsby’s house and gleam blabby on the sea deck.« 

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IMG_0937RThe Great Fitzi overhung his beloved art deco Belles Rives Hotel, French Riviera place on gorgeous Juan Les Pins, where he spent some family bohemian times in the 20s. Gatsby was out of the place but Francis Scott and Zelda’s eyes gazed at early bird of the party. Celebrating with these reveller lovers is not really astonishing but party animals were not so wild in these sunny nights. Evening rendez-vous didn’t mean empty terrasse. The sun bathing awarded place was just waiting the American touch in this French Rivera perfect setting. Oh what, which one? Where was the mythical writer? Only hang on huge plastic billboards. The representatives were numerous but none of them had something from the East Side. How can the French give prizes on the behalf of a gorgeous American writer? French literature lovers are infatuated with English-speaking writers, we heard about that. But just a glance to some jury gentlemen and trendy women gave some clue.

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Christophe Ono dit Biot, Eric Neuhoff or Yoyo Maeght keep spinning the dandy arty IMG_0949Rstyle as vintage and roaring as the sparkling couple. Well the jury also have a topnotch reputation like Sylvain Tesson, writer « prince of cats » who was fond of building climbing, Gonzague Saint Bris one-day-maybe next member to-be of Academy française or Amanda Lear, former Dali muse and current TV animal. For the fifth edition, this small world of literate celebrities led by Marianne Estène-Chauvin, president of Francis Scott Fitzgerald academy and owner of the Belles Rives hotel had the very hard task to award a author with light and elegant writing like the idol Fitzgerald.


IMG_1029RAnd the new Nabab is Robert Goolrick who praises his new Southern family with John Lennon glasses, « being noticed is already a favour, being chosen goes beyond human understanding.«  Oh, he was so moved this new awarded man of 66 years old thanks to The Fall of Princes settling his Lost Generation in the 80s. In the dark fresh classic bar, the Virginia writer stands melancholic, pensive, out of the place near his bright crowned trophy by the local artist ceramist Claude Aiello. While Zelda exhibits her swim suit near the terrasse was eager to vibe with the orchestra and yummy feast on the water front. Of course, observing these brains dancing on an over DJing dub version of Sam Smith is a bit confusing but it is said that Tender is the Night


Let’s hang out together !



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