Chabadabada with A Man and a Woman

Take a trip with lovers following the classic movie of Claude Lelouch in Deauville.Do you want the truth of something beautiful? Well, I lost most of my pictures from my life before London. And there is more bad news, because after Blue Monday, Valentine’s Day rings the bell. The Bridget Jones I am is not a great fan of this festive pink party but knows how to celebrate a quite French version of lovers’ day. With style and cultural references.

Maybe not the best but one of the most rewarded movies : Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards and Palme d’Or at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival. 1966? Yes, deep sensation of the sixties. A Man and A Women celebrated its 50 years last year.

What for?

Well a not really easy love story. Françoise and Antoine, two widowers became closer thanks to their children and from pain happiness wakes up. This is the kind of passion where you ride cars with kids on the beach and have fun sailing. The movie where you fall in love with close-up shots, where you can hear French sentences like Between art and life, I choose life’, with characters chatting about Giacometti. But a fiction inspired by ‘true story’ when the director Claude Lelouch drove by night to Deauville to see a woman playing with little boy and dog at low tide in the rising sun.

Because the real main character of the movie is Deauville. Thanks to Black and White and Colours shots (because the production was short of money) and Nouvelle Vague shooting, boards, beach and picturesque houses from Northern French Riviera appears like a report but you would also enjoy the Gray sky of the movie.

And can you hear something? Yes, this « chabadabada » when the couple spins around. A heady hit song by late Pierre Barouh and so popular singer Nicole Croisille overshadow the musical side of the movie. Like Demoiselles de Rochefort on bossa nova rhythms during Asterix comics reading.

And to add a more tragic tune to the Norman city, I had in mind the song by Vincent Delerm. The French singer narrates the whole love story in a magic tribute on touching piano notes. But that’s melancholy and loneliness which are the most striking …

This orphan feeling walking down the beach without the voice of Jean-Louis Trintignant. I remember this deep stressless voice, muttering Prévert, Vian and Desnos words, the Liberian poets. Not far from the phone sighs in the official mic at Cesars cinema awards. Strange end for the rewarded role in Amour in front of departed Emmanuelle Riva. But Love is all he can give to her. Love is just made for him and her.


Let’s hang out together ! 



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