Fan of Agatha Christie, for christ sake ! 

I know how about my book shelves, you know how French I am being mad about British investigators. Agatha Christie always fascinated creators from the hexagone and exhibit with several works at TV or in library inspired by the Queen of murder. But in a Frenchie way. 

Did you know that Broadchurch has his French version? Following the huge success of the psycho TV thriller in the UK, the series travels abroad without David Tennant actor like for the hexagonal singular adaptation, Malaterra set in Corsica. But older legend already rang the bell of French specialist like lawyer John Bastardi Dumont unraveling strategy and modern police with Sherlock Holmes.

Why are they stealing detective? French people have Maigret! So attractive quiet style that even the ITV English Channel decided to cover the TV serie with Mr Bean! In turn, LES PETITS MEURTRES D'AGATHA CHRISTIEFrench people watch every year Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie (Little Murders of Agatha Christie) since 2009. By the year 2017, celebrating the 40 years of death of the writer, the TV broadcast is already an habit with his own atmosphere and favorite characters. Superintendent Larosière and captain Laurence … take the lead instead of famous Belgian Hercule Poirot with more seductive touch. And not to  take the audience away the action took place by about 30 episodes in North of France in the 30’s and the 50’s. The TV producer Sophie Revil had to convict Mathew Prichard, Agatha Christie‘s grandson. These freaky cruel winter tales are not as cold as the British version but freely shine by humour and comical historical natures. At the top of the game: Marlene, quirky secretary between Marylin Monroe and Sylvie Vartan and Alice Avril, Red motorized independent journalist not far from what should have been the young author. A modernism that loves publishers as well with new versions of books and that could give ideas to other writers.

78A1%1JWTqiqGIDWhXSfEw_thumb_21fThe journalist Brigitte Kernel took the autobiography of the queen of murder and decided to complete the book. What? A writer doesn’t fill his own story. Well, Agatha Christie forgot one episode in her life, the one when she disappears and warns the whole country. Le chapitre disparu (The Lost Chapter) is how real life becomes fiction and one another. When her husband asked for a divorce, she turned down and blacked out ending her car in a puddle. A standard anecdote but the super star writer was at the heart of news. Every single discovery hit the headline, meanwhile the lonely said « amnesic » woman plot her slow revenge. Step by step, Brigitte Kernel depicts her vicious diary waiting for the return of her husband in her luxurious hotel. She even came and visited  The Old Swan, walking down the corridor, playing the snooker… Reading the terrifying vacation days, hearing the wood creaking, the change of scenery is ultimate creating a fictional conversation with Marple and wishing to come back to Covent Garden or Torquay.


Let’s hang out together ! 





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