How I experienced the life of a super model

I am late, as usually but you are better than a shrink, I mean I can talk a lot (typing on my computer but that’s a way of expressing myself) and complain like … a French girl. So I am your open book, I settled up my diet plan and fewer 10 kgs later … Well time to explore some intolerance with famous faces and a nice one. The super model Estelle Lefèbure is one of them in her book Orahe

With some dozens of kilos off, how would say that I need a coach when I have a diet? Estelle Lefébure is the kind of guru or life master who gives you strength and energy when you want to give up.

But first Who is she?

The Blond woman is a model, a super model. She was part of the super star catwalk of George Michael with Linda Evangelista in Too Funky music video. Yes, the kind of girl who just put wow in you mind in adverts and fashion photo shoots. The kind of really annoying girl. Why is she so reliable? Ok she’s a beauty icon but did you know she was celiac as well? Good for her skin but what about her lifestyle? She created her brand Orahe for wellbeing and pleasure and sum med up everything in her book by Flammarion publisher. Yes, like the French Gisele Bündchen.

What did I learn with it? 

That you can be a sound mind in a sound body from morning to night. Early mo in the Kitchen with peanut butter and banana, I wish I could try this more often as how smooth and energetic it drove me for the whole day. But beauty as well. Boiled rice water – was it a thing? I mean before learning that it could be, if you leave this foggy water one day, an ultimate skin cleansing. Any drawback for this relaxing detox morning routine? Well, it’s really stressfree but you feel as dry as shirt collars…

But if you feel hot spot, you could calm down with infused water. I got the chance to receive fresh lemon from Menton and guess what. It was like strolling into citrus yard just tasting it, yes and in a beer pint, it was so much better…

What about cooking? 

You know the face of your mates when they realized that you trash gluten out of your closets. And guess what? You could have yummy greasy touch out of vegs thanks to chef selection, Claire Verneil. And when you chopped the huge kale, mixed leaves with olive oil and sunflower seeds, then put this down the oven, it felt like the sweet feeling, making your own DIY Kale crisps.

Talking about cabbage, I was relieved to taste the pistachio, cranberry and cauliflower pilaf. Quinoa and lentils give the crunchy and the smoothness of bread … OH dear…

At the end, she gives you some tips to be a sportive person. I am not sure, it was my favorite chapter. Not because of her details, but because of her ability to be stab le on a paddle board – which is a thing, but maybe not fine.


Let’s hang out together ! 




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