The patient despite herself or I needed a French Doctor

Subway, Work, Sleep, that’s how the French called the daily routine, the hustle and bustle is sometimes so strong that the worker can’t listen to themselves. Burnout is actually being questioned by government, unions and media, CFDT in its online study revealed that 36% of French workers are said to burn out.

And when energy is still on, the body can tell with some psychosomatic signs. One night standing up for rock review, one morning in bed with this damned pain.


In France I would call bravely SOS Médecins, whatever time of the day or of the night. This first-aid kit calms down crisis, despite the price to pay.

Or I would beg my GP for a last-minute examination, even if (s)he would need to stand in the corridor to be supported by the family doctor.

Or even, I’d have a short checkup done by the chemist.

Every time, the Wealth Green Car would work but professional medical advice are priceless!

But I didn’t go because I do not live in France anymore.


And after Emergency service of a really well-known hospital, one cab, 1-hour waiting on iron chairs and a short comparison of my ‘apple juice’ with normal liquid, the sentence was announced : I was ill

Oh really? What is it? To be honest, I still don’t have a specific perpetrator. Strong meds and time erased pains.

DSC_1149RRRR copie

But when, months later, back in France, I randomly chat about it with my ENT after my consultation. After all, nothing to do with his cure location. But hearing the story, the usual relaxed and stolid doctor petrified, striped away his glasses and slowly formulated, ‘and do you have a clue for that?’

As you already know the answer, he pleads me to go and visit a specialist. I went to the X-ray side and everything is clear for a new cure.


And that’s how in France, you have to become gluten free/dairy free/alcohol free after going to the doctor for a bad cough.

How can I do so?

Well thanks to a gluten-free friend visiting my place (I am not the only one), new breakfast habit and lunch breaks at specific places and I live in a very free-food country, no problem.

Do I miss them?

Well If I tell you that in my 1st month, I had a nightmarish vision about S.F. war between Pepperoni pizza and Bolognese pizza, I don’t remember if a Dark Vador tiramisu won the food space war.

But waking up, I jumped into kitchen to devour fruits,vegs and nuts. And you know what it’s not bad at all and I am in my nuts ! 🙂


Let’s hang out together ! 



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