Politics: out of tune for the right

2017 is a changing system for every country. Revelations about French Presidential runners are coming out of the closet every day. Let’s take a break with music. Or maybe not. 

François, Emmanuel, Jean-Luc, Benoit… Every morning is a strange meeting with a new date for French Presidency. Well almost, President Hollande steps back. But since François Fillon’s troubles, guess who is back, back again, she is back, your friends and English media know. 

No idea to deal with ideas but inspirations. Because the heals are alive with the sound of music. Pain really? Well, singers are really flustered (when they are not angry and mad) when they tackle FN team. And all styles. From traditional variété française, to world music and pop music.

Nothing new in the charts? Well new French artists gather to stand for real and mix literature and songs for political musical. Parisian Off Broadway style but still committed. Singer Florent Marchet was being ironic about holiday break in Courchevel but in the wake of Charlie and Paris attacks, he did worry about 2017 French elections with wine and friends writer Arnaud Cathrine and musician Valérie Leulliot.

And in Second Tour album, the Frère Animal formation rises from prison Thibault, young provincial who burned out in a alienated factory work and got really fancy for politics with Bloc National (National Block), surprising fact for his family and especially for his former communist father. It’s too bad that we don’t understand French because in First single Vis my Vie he tells about employment, despair, crisis, radicalism, racism, fear of future among other topics with poetry and peace. Louis Chedid  used to sing with sarcasm about ‘Nazi nostalgia’

Old times (good times?), but what about this new digital over conversational world? Popular artists don’t take the risk to take a stand, except for personal issues. I heard about this song.

Black M. Not really my cup of tea. Too much story with rap team Sexion d’Assaut (OMG – but will try to understand it soon). Too fashionable, young goal. Buzz subject as he was for 100 years Verdun Commemorations. As a potential music performer. But following Front National pressure, he had to cancel his gig. The rapper remains quiet and not under spotlights for a while ; he takes his songs as a public answer to insults and frustrations not to attend the official tribute to soldiers and especially to his grand father who took part in the Senegalese infantry during the war:

I am French,

They don’t want Marianne for my fiancé,

Maybe because they

found me too dark

Let me invite her

to dance, I will be livening her up…

Not the only invitation to vote, the singer took up arms agains in live performances of the song. At the French Late with Jools Holland, called Taratata, the artist invited some of ‘his friends’ on stage for the song. Rappers, R’n’B singers of sportsmen were expected but Singer who represented France at Eurovision Song Contest 2016, popular humorist at prime time shows, Survivor host or young comedian revealed at French Strictly come dancing… joined home to sing and picture a real message of tolerance.

And when living abroad but still thinking about France, we watch this famous but diversified civil society singing ‘I am at home‘, you just think that Zazie was right : ‘Everyone is beautiful’


Let’s hang out together ! 



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