110 wines for so many more ​​pleasures at Les 110 de Taillevent

Wine and good tastes – this seems to be Taillevent motto. The Parisian restaurant settled in Marylebone village of London. Spending night time to embrace the delicious French paradox with glasses of wines, large ones, for sure.

Living abroad is a thing. A strange thing which means exoticism, newness, originality and nostalgia. Sometimes it’s all about crying thinking about Poulet Basquaise and queueing for hours for croissants.

OK I missed French food but how did I end up here? Well, even if lots of French restaurants in London are too expensive and overrated, parents are the kind of people who don’t really hang out in a beer garden and a pie paradise.


Strange idea to bring back some French people there. As the home tasty land. A land with exciting borders. Walls are made of glass – which one? Bottle glass of course! Green and Yellow setting of the Brasserie for a hexagonal evening. Pick your battleground? The bar to interfere with the wine keeper or benches to comfort body before buds.

Oh yes, how about not spending hours reading the menu, a real one? With columns and asterisks. Tricky time for easy concept.

What concept?

French generosity stands for food and liquid. But not for one. Each dish can come with one of the 4 alcohols. You mean 4 White wines or 4 beers? Well, not really. Les 110 de Taillevent doesn’t take things easily and can propose 1 sparking, one orange, one sake or one fortified wine. Wow.

img_8222‘ And what about this one? ‘ Seems like it’s not enough for dad. So try to catch up Christopher Lecoufle, head sommelier, running between the two rooms. The following of the chat is a mix between magic bullets and scientific lecture. And what about you? ‘ Well. What Can I say? Head up and Look bright with this French sentence ‘ what could fit to my fishy starter? ‘

And if you could hear the answer, you would understand my face, questioning my wine education. OK maybe because of French heritage, we look a bit narrow-minded with our wine tasting. And this is why the place seems to be astonishingly breaking up boundaries.

Are they any burgers or fries? Nope, even if they’re French (I’m talking about fries). I had a exquisite memory of eggs Mimosa, a foodgasm with recreation of fish soup, a rushed eating of pigeon. Sometimes wondering what was first : chicken or wine? Good company with the tasty synergy, sides by sides enlighten mere products : whenever it is mash with a great amount of butter or fluffy crunchy cauliflower variation.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Is it not too much or too Frenchie as I don’t want to feel victuals like the Christmas turkey?
No. No, because you can find some vegetarian dish and No hare à la Royale. A detail, you may think but not for French people. And if Vol-au-vent find their way besides venison, organic can hide in plates and glasses. Sure, price is to pay but dare asking to the wine team little producers who have been working biodynamic wine for ages. Not the dark side of cuisine at all.


And when Eva Dieudonné, general manager, exposes your Chocolate Mousse, favorite dessert in the world, the end of the journey brings you back to child tastes, but maybe it’s another chance to visit les 110 de Taillevent soon …


Let’s hang out together ! 



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