Thomas Enhco, kid of ​​classical music revolution

Before the Classical Music Awards 2017, time to focus on one of my favorite musicians of the genre. Age doesn’t matter, talent flows in his veins but Thomas Enhco expressed his own classical touch, taking on the most of multiculturalism.

French television comforts viewers. When you spend weeks watching Strictly Come Dancing and France’s Got Talent competitions, you just want more media struggles ! Then you just flick to national France 2 channel.

There, same jury, same shaking contestants, same get-up-and-go. But maybe over young award-runners. The Voice Kids? When some Blue Jean ones scream ‘Haloooooo’, others with their coat-tails fly on Figaro. Prodiges took the risk of broadcasting classical music for a Prime time audience …for a good deal. A little help for school grants and surprisingly for jury and mentors of the show, the successful show refreshed glamorously classical music appreciation and put people to ticket offices.


The small screen reflects teen memories. Like- take this guess – Thomas Enhco. Baby skin with elderly finger power but so familiar face… Remember when you wanted to spend time with your parents and killing time in legendary cinematic place, you end up facing a boy of your age… But on stage. Yes this stunning time when you dreamt of skipping sport class to meet at café gossiping about boys and teachers. Well, at this sickening age, he was touring all over the world from Tokyo to Avignon. And years later, when you had the chance to interview the guy, he turned about to be … absolutely charming ! Well, you know, this kind of amazing annoying people… 😉

Ah and let’s add to this perfect equation, the fact that his Christmas picture looks like the artistic who’s who. Let’s be honest he is not a son of but a brother/son/grandson/great grandson of (his grand father was a conductor).

But when he is not hanging out with his talented trumpet player sibling, accompanying his breathless soprano singer mother, playing chords with his gifted violinist step-father or taking part in rehearsals or performances with this band, the 28-year-old man doesn’t have time to rest. The musician splits time between his jazzy band, own classical creation and unexpected crossover.


A surprising association that doesn’t let down his international background. With Bulgarian musician Vassilena Serafimova, they married piano and marimba, this African xylophone very popular in South American music with Mozart, Camille Saint-Saëns or … The Verve. Yes the description sounds a bit Arte-like. But the album sound is just crazy, and on stage, it is majestic.

He stays quiet, punctuating notes with tiny headbangs then looking after her. She acts a bit more tragic, barefoot, playing like sewing with soft touches, sticks dancing on keys. Head to toe, this magical interior ballet opens minds. And if on the cover, they look together like colorful tightrope runners, with this peaceful music breeze celebrating multiculturalism and multiplicity of artistic expressions, heaven is not far, or hope…



Let’s hang out together ! 



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