After Paris attacks, I interviewed Jeff Panacloc and I was about to burst into tears

Oh I know, I’m late and people apologized after not a word (not even a photo) article but things changed in my life and in the world.The one who urges me to explain the last mention must have been out on the globe for ages. So I moved out. Again. And to another language – I mean than French is surrounding me. But when Twitter sent me some alerts about #PortesOuvertes in the Parisian streets  that I used to follow, I blacked out. Didn’t faint. Just switched off. As if fresh new blood spurted out from last-year’s events…

And all this lacrymal liquid could have sprung on the phone with Jeff Panacloc. WHO? Well, the young ventriloquist is between Keith Lemon and Russell Brand, always here when typically French tall stories thunder on popular prime time TV shows. Well, he is the one who used to put hand into rude Mr Oizo puppet’s « ass ». Romanticism or emotion is not part of his business. But he ’s the same artist who published a moving instinctive video after the attacks. And asking him why,  I was about to reject every feeling that distance erased.



Well, that’s not about grief, about mourning, because there are no words for that. And that’s not about paying tribute, because others wrote astonishing, better and pure ones.

In the wake of shooting in Bataclan, explosions around Stade de France, time goes by, life goes on and Youtube phrases time and tide waits for no man with new creations. Browsing the 2.0 5 minutes videos, one thumbnail picture awakes curiosity, envy, energy. Something different, scary, hairy, underground. Amazing mix in only one video! Can you stop spoiling! Which one? Rock Macabre. French Nerd had already renewed fictional creativity with SF serie, Le Visiteur du Futur but French Ball is refreshing one more time video creation. François Descraques focusses on a not really French speciality with success : musicals. But musicals in French AND English. The 30-year-old director never hides his international movie tastes.

But why is it so noticeable? Well, French people have a very dramatic relationship with musicals, between tragic translations and classic tradition for a superficial story. But the script master mixes typically French music with ?  international influenced band in Rock Macabre story. It deals with the no-success story of band Diptyque. A « folk rock pop gipsy indie music formation » who performs rude French rock songs on a teenager bedroom. Rude as Mange Tes Morts song meaning Eat Your Dead with a V-sign. Happy ending for rebel young singer Zoé but a bit bold protest for guitarist Alban. Years later, some buried their refractory music tastes for successful marketing projects, others didn’t. And when old memories meet reality, good feelings revive even in a zombie attack not far from Little Shop of Horrors. But behind the opposition of mainstream electro and underground chanson française, a hard musical acting, showing in Making Of video and great collaboration with Music Youtuber, PV Nova sublimate s this total art expression.
And Stay and Play becomes the anthem of a new creation, when spectators of zombies come back  to life, in one of the best Parisian venues La Maroquinerie hurt by attacks ; hope shed into tears and grin become so close.





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