I got 99 eggs recipes and no problems

In this tasty book, Guy Savoy eggs on to go around the calcium oval.

Wake up from Easter (not jet lag here but summer is still on somewhere in France), I put my eggs in the same basket in a Green parade. Literally speaking.


Everything about eggs, a 189-page-long document. By whom? Guy Savoy. WHO? You must have heard about this three-star Michelin chef if you had some hard day party nights around Caesars Palace Las Vegas or had a nice walk on the left bank of Paris or 8th and 17th areas.

But First, chef, why did you want to focus on this product? « It has so good values and it matches with everything, all around the world, from American/English breakfasts to ancestral Chinese century eggs. I have a weakness for soft-boiled egg and I remember the young kid cracking fresh eggshell after early henhouse harvest. That’s amazing – even as an adult, it becomes a real treasure hunt. »

Urban chicken is now gaining little success for worse … but back to book. The heavy map brings the sweet passer-by to the producer. Yes, the existentialist ingredient which is also a dish needs a nice care and a deep look. Label rouge and AB signs on boxes and 1, 2 on shell prints concealing neatness of hen and so are eggs. Not 3 and 4 please, they hide some gloomy intensive farming time.

But from now, standing a ground in front of local store with organic products, selecting some components like peppers, potatoes, mushrooms and onion straight from farmer land. Except for pomegranate which comes from my garden. Home sweet home is so good. Picking is one thing, cooking, that’s a different kettle of fish. Hot okay but not smelly ingredients. Did you know that if you had to keep fresh eggs in the fridge you should secure them in a jar? This glass isolation is vital I mean, who could not be scared to get his tiny hen eggs spoiled by cabbage smell? All these very useful tips are in this 2.0 book with a great range of videos with solutions against simple problems. But have a look to my menu now. A week menu because no need to over-egg eggs, one by day is enough for a healthy warning.

For as a starter: pomegranate mimosa with hard-boiled eggs. 8 for 4 people. Boiled for 10 minutes then immediately put in frozen water. Peel and clean them under fresh water. Cut them in two to separate them and put down the nice mixing made of 5 g of chopped chive, salt, pepper and 80 g of home mayonnaise (with only egg yolk and not a single drop of white, pepper, salt, mustard, oil and mixing). As a final touch, crumbled egg yolk and a quarter of pomegranate seeds are scattered over the top and tadam!


After this great success, I tried the tortilla omelette cake, a salty Napoleon pastry. For that you need : a lot of time, about IMG_1817Rone hour. Dozens of minutes are enough to wash and peel 200g crisp potatoes, 1 Red pepper, to cut 150 g cultivated mushrooms, chop chive, parsley, tarragon. Then cook in a frying pan : potatoes cubes with 2 IMG_1819Rsoup spoons of olive oil for 20 minutes on a gently heat, Red peppers strips with 5 soup spoons of olive oil for 5 minutes and thinly sliced mushrooms with one soup spoon of butter first spreading water then turning Brown. Season everything.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Then break 10 eggs, whisk them with salt and pepper and diving the mixture in 4 bowls with each garnish : potatoes, red pepper, mushrooms and herbs.
Cook each omelette with a knob of butter on a gently heat for 2/3 minutes. Hot or could stack, it’s perfect with a Green crunchy salad.





And what about dessert? I had an eggnog on a Sunday night for a sweet ending and a bon appétit.
More details? Well, I think you will need to read the book for this.





Let’s hang out together ! 



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