Who is the Frenchiest Youtuber?

Guess what? It’s not the most popular one. So here we are… The American video platform built in 2005 an international village and French video makers are no exception. From video games to beauty, froggies expand online power but as there’s so much to say about that, let’s focus on Humour and generally speaking Entertainment which gathers every year digital creators at E3, like the 2.0 great Mass. A generation who digested this great international influence imitation and integrated funny vlog and mega scripted pad into the unique French touch. Well obviously no electronic music was played but the sense of humour that is so special was displayed.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-07 à 14.42.36

The same one that was so questionable some months ago but for a general audience. And the most popular ones answer to the names of Norman and Cyprien, who took part to the Youtube Rewind 2014 video. Two scarce French names falsely sounding like inventive teenagers making jokes in their rooms in front of their cameras but real young adults, kings of digital audience and face camera short with great mastering skills in catchy editing.

I can hear you.

‘It is only normal for successful youtubers’.


Sure but what if these two boys do crystallize the very essence of French character? Who else could impress big bold ‘False‘ in the beginning of a video like a claim of disapproval? Or pick up ‘Why‘ like the tagline and a refrain of a wish of rationalist explanation in a comical video criticism?

Well the Blue, White, Red nature vanishes for international charm as independent creators gather under companies or association with American connotations such as Golden Moustache, Studio Bagel or Why Tea Fam. Humouristic unbounded power inflated by admiration for global idols or inspiration of worldwide channels.

Some who had international experiences were the more likely to adapt American concepts, translate some viral videos or test English speaking videos… Planetary bonds fail sometimes to be successful and some Frogs stuck into the hexagonal basis. With typically French, Frenchiest silly jokes, or great explanations, yes, the French need to understand things…

And speaking about explanations, Le Fossoyeurs de Films and his tonne of cinematographic references or Links The Sun with clashes against stars of Top of the tops (Giving a great idea of some weakness of French musicians, yes, its sounds like Todd in the Shadows but … it’s not). Only drawback of this video paradise, we need to understand clever cultural French language to deeply enjoy the true substance, sorry.

And where are Linguists persone non grata? Into arty videos. And which clichés capture the personalities of the French? Style, arts and elegance. For these quality pick out a Frenchdance video where young actor Raphaël Descraques dances around touristic Paris with funny WTF dance. Too short experience but still good.

For a long-lasting geek time, the Frenchiest one is Solange Te Parle. And despite of her name, Solange speaks a lot but shows melancholic artistic videos not far from contemporary arts, and if you could open your ears, you could discover the most hexagonal accent for a Canadian girl… Oh really? Have I failed?

In love with Paris, droning out her cultural Parisian schedule, exhibiting her naked body in front of Youtube and its censorship, who could have dreamt of a better ambassador?


Let’s hang out together ! 



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