When French Boys have some shoe taste 

They chose to confess on the book floor.

It is said that Boys don’t cry and don’t care about shoes. We already heard about it. But on the road to the Parisian suburbs, we also notice that disinterest doesn’t lead to scarcity. Random boys don’t have to hide shoe addicts. On top of those who look after that piece of garment like crown jewels : the « sapeurs », the Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People. These male fashionistas inspired by style of Kinshasa intend to burn the boring humdrum men garment with their colorful eccentric suits. In France, the movement rears its head in the pop culture when one of their August members spread his power on television. Norbert caused quite a stir to Les Rois du Shopping first edition, men collection of shopping TV show Les Reines du Shopping hosted by Brazilian queen of fashion, Cristina Cordula. Spreading his « Norbatic power », the eccentric gentleman from Choisy-le-Roi demonstrates a great sympathy to shoes. For him, shoes were respected like real humain beings and had some chats with him. The shoe language was based on cow sound and obviously not pouf nor silent or she would need some speech therapy. It sounds very weird, well you need to have a look at that.

But far from fashion issues, some artists took advantage of late TV show to demonstrate their low level passion especially for shoe underwear or more specifically the absence of it. Gérard Jugnot, popular comedian, displays his stylish tastes at the top of the Eiffel Tower revealing on « Un Soir à la Tour Eiffel » on France 2, national channel « a man really who’s fond of shoes doesn’t wear socks ». Remember some olfactory displeasure in Hot Marseille cramped rooms, how not to pull a wry face? Well, we can discuss about it later…

But roaming into the fashion book shops of Paris, I met another shoe conception. Dusting stack of books into Comptoir de l’image, a Black and White cover looks like a eye-catcher in this dizzying natural library. The oversize fine book Shoes, Form and Fantasy relates the whole shoe history.



A real blessing written by the British fashion journalist, one of the best shoe commentators, Colin McDowell. When turning over thick pages, I noticed a French name in the International encyclopedia and not a stranger. Philippe Noiret was the unpredictable author of the work preface.
Two tact thoughtful pages full of humanity. The comedian experienced a real love at first sight with one pair of shoes in a historical murky harrowing time. The late Great World War left his Southern family on the verge of poverty. IMG_1733R The early teenage boy struggled for putting too small shoes on and received the most unbelievable present in belligerent time : a shoe box. But squeaking silk paper, he discovered that the « bright new » accessories had recycled the older brother’s Sunday shoes.The Eton polish look was really uncool, not young, not attracting for a 11-year-old boy.


From this painful IMG_1742Rmemory, the actor sprouted that one day he would have his shoes made for him, his own shoes. That’s only years later, at the start of his career, during his total adulthood, the elegant bearded man met André, theater guy with gipsy roots. A dude who could wear whatever he wants, only bare necessities but always with calfskin good comfortable boots. «  A man could better wear old velvet shapeless pants with nice shoes than English flannel trousers with poor big shoes. » Man is shoe but shoe is man.  A philosophy he bumped into, at his climax, at nightclub’s door when Mario security guy told his secret to screen Saturday dancers : just a glance. Where? Obviously, on shoes, you have no doubt with them… When I told you that it was not only a fashion issue…


Let’s hang out together ! 



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