Summer glued to TV?

First heatwave puts people in holiday mood but television channels don’t stop creativity. 

Pointless, Family Feud and Win Your Wishlist have a common point. They take advantage of the summer break to evade French TV set. If national channels try to refresh their programs but they seem more eager to recycle than invent. Giving a wall a foot of coal paint, TF1, TMC and France 3 opted for AIDS supporter, Christophe Dechavanne, absurd agitator of Late shows, Arnaud Tsamère or favorite Granny’s presenter, Cyril Féraud to cheer evenings up. So, no news, good news? First channel tries to play its game with Le Grand Blind Test where the ex mean woman in Black from The Weakest Link, Laurence Boccolini, on TF1, leads a competition between celebrities with a winner just enjoying the back room full of bimbos or beautiful young men… Good show on coach but what about the outside?


Dreaming of exoticism doesn’t seem enough for producers who add « something«  that will give shivers TV viewers. Kick-off of 2015 adventures island games, The Island with Bear Grylls wants to make appeared out of sleep the mass keeper Koh Lanta, really moved by late dreadful accidents in sportful Dropped. To infinity and beyond, M6 channel wants to mark its territory with The Mole, adventurous MouseTrap, detective moment in the mud, hosted by the specialist, former presenter of Pekin Express, Stéphane Rotenberg.


Lots of French adaptations, there’s nothing new under the sun. When I was young, I didn’t need it anymore, watching TV was just for fun, those days are gone…


On top of that, La Carte au Trésor was the great moment when the youth could dream looking for patrimonial details in a sport enigma on the hexagone and overseas departments and territories by helicopter. (Nathalie Simon, come back please!). The TV broadcast with a few cutting offers numerous falls, many losses into cute little villages located in the middle of nowhere and some sad mysterious fate, one of the hosts disappeared in Africa … Too calm? Well, sportive children could dream at Intervilles, popular competitions between cities. The French version of Simply the Best was THE family game hosted by legends of screen, TV dinosaurs, Guy Lux then Jean-Pierre Foucault. And if you had the chance to be close to a recording contest place, you could participate or watch the show with the same feeling as in a soccer stadium. Cheating and security put the summer show on child small channel Gulli but is wishing every year to come back on national prime times.


Today, only Fort Boyard, in Charente, survives to generations of audience multiplying the presenters and organisation and celebrates its 26 years old. Trying to be in the forefront of news, the 2015 version of new charity games with over bearded druid, tigers and dwarves, pictures its fort between Hunger Games, Avengers and Hobbit’s mythology.


My precious is about travels but unusual ones. La tournée des Popotes, yummy documentary drives its very nice cook from Lyon Grégory Cuilleron, in international gastronomic journeys and a wonderful mix between French and Peruvian/Swedish.. cuisine, well before Masterchef, following the general feeling good cooking trend and more giggling than Secret Story, sad come back of reality show.


Tv producers might be right, hot is very high this summer; stay inside, switch on TV and sip fresh drinks.


Let’s hang out together ! 



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