French paradoxical elegance in a Male Shoe dressing-room

2015 comes with its share of resolutions and challenges – resolutions are seen as very low level. The bold defiance is to match Fashion and boys and this took place in the Ile de France region where male resident Laurent took off his shoes for a strange discovery.

Muddle of boots, old faded sneakers and smelly shoes, that’s what we were expected to face when exploring this closet. But quaking in our shoes, Laurent puts our mind in ease with his French style and paradoxal philosophy.


Tiny little downtown apartment strangling tiny bare necessities so dressing fits in walls and shoes lie about the floor. But there, a Black coffee table holds sparkling treasures. Treasure? Are they so beloved? « People give a personal feeling to clothes and especially shoes but I see shoe as a sort of smartness, a trivial pleasure. » A trifling definition for a perfect neatness. Stuck in Red velvet removable shoe bags, pairs get out fresh and shiny as Christmas presents without disturbing the French guy. « I pick pairs of the day according to everyday moods or plans. When I know that I have to walk a lot, to do some shopping, to put out the garbage, I opt for sneakers. » Plain but comfortable, his casual shoes are still convenient but with a not ugly look. Dolce & Gabbana sneakers and White soft leather Someone Shoes clash with fabric shoes by Levis when the US brand tried once an eco-friendly collection. « Sure it is a usual material, it’s like having White casual shoes, but a good way of standing out. It’s a bit sad but you have to turn to trademarks to get qualitative products, it’s not a matter of brands but it’s an investment even with sneakers. It’s just something instinctive … »


This quest for stylishness is most significant for boots. Brown, Black, patent, suede, embroidered elegant boots are very often used and bring some elegance and casualness even with jean. « But to keep in good shape my 4-year-old Black leather Kenzo Boots, I have to rub them up with towelettes full of shoe cream or brush and put shoetrees into them. Because if i don’t do so…«  He leaps over the sofa and rummages through his room: « THIS happened, Paul Smith beautiful shoes are crackled because I haven’t shone them enough, it’s a stain with a suit. » Sad conclusion for a boots praise.

« Oh wait, I’m not done with boots. » No need to disturb the shoe guy from his straight-forward presentation and who would dare expressing something else than silence when taking a peek at the Patrick Cox boots, « Rolls shoes, perfect for weddings but hard to look at afterwards because of this pointed toe which easily bends ». The transformation of urban shoes into Oriental slippers may not really seduce the French boy in love with classics. In this standard category, navy blue Repetto Richelieu shoes which may make him look like a committed artist and Blue Italian Flecs with round toe are « the ones that will never go out of fashion » and all occasions shoes.

« Classic, elegant, comfortable and timeless, that’s what I look in shoes, when I discover a nice pair through venture, I try it, well sometimes, I try things more… more weird.«  Silver zizi shoes on sale by The Kooples fit perfectly with light Blue slim jean but know how to shelve. Most shoes are Made in Italy, French Brand, home-made boots bought at Di Micheli foot specialist in Aix-En-Provence, Canadian-English design, manufactured in India but not mass marketed. Great variety for frivolousness.



Let’s hang out together ! 




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