Detox light meals after heavy celebrating gatherings

In the fast and furious food run, those who fell are your height and your liver. To be back in the healthy future, there is not just one solution but some seasonal keys. 

Full of grease and alcohol but friendly family souvenirs from Christmas days, it’s sometimes hard to find one’s way back to healthy diet and slim figure, I mean a body thin enough to fit properly worthy clothes, not the repulsive Sunday jogging. The first move is quite simple, get off of your sofa. Then rushing into stairs to discover the fantastic world of winter is the second step. The fresh air of the hexagonal cold snap whips oily ginger smell of heavy meals and and boosts headaches after partying nights. Jog time slows down along Montorgueil Street with automnal fresh vegetables. Why automnal? Wasn’t the French poet, Guillaume Appolinaire, who used to put into verse: « Oh my eternal Autumn – Oh my mental season »?

And the juicy butternut and glittering mushrooms may stop your steps to Halles Montorgueil. This greengrocer daily exhibits their Green stalls collapsing with colorful products. There, it seems that Brown is the new Black with all its gradations. The perfect painting will portray a flashy Orange butternut soup and some Beige with Red shades mushroom. I pick chanterelles but ceps, horns of plenty or cultivated mushrooms are as good.

Washed and cleaned, nicely and quickly, chanterelles stand gently in a hot frying pan, no need to add any fat. And all of a sudden, magically, the automnal queens give out a lot of water, and suddenly reabsorb it. And then it’s time to add olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, cubed garlic, chop parsley and natural mixed herbes such as bay leaves and thyme. Cooked and still warm, it would be delicious besides meat, salad or on a thin croustade. Scrumptiously crunchy !

To put heat deep into the heart, the marrow soup is top on winter dish. Cut into large pieces, the gourd needs to be cooked and not boiled with full cut onion, cut in half potato, chop parsley, salt and pepper into a bit of water. Not too much for a real velouté and not a dishwater.

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Mixed and accompanied with a bit of cream on your bowl you can try without but it would be perfect for a tart!), you would enjoy this taste of winter with garlic croutons and start a warm-hearted year!



Let’s hang out together ! 




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