Tips to follow up current French policy 

Their names sound like experimental blockbusters. They are called Clearstream or Bettencourt. These French political scandals hit the headlines of serious newspapers, magazines and websites: le Monde, Rue 89, Le Point or Nouvel Observateur. But at the root of these affairs, some journalists succeed in completing investigations; yet other affairs begin so far from political columns. This is how current French policy, unfortunately, tends to express itself, right now. 

  • On tabloids: reflection of society based on “Celebrity culture”, Politicos are going round on tabloids like bimbos from reality shows. Leading light of this trend: the Gayet gate disclosed French President’s intimacy. Well, late first head states outraged with naked pictures, death scandals, pregnancy cases not with the revelation of his girlfriend. Other “Made in Elysée” personalities, the former culture and economy ministers, Aurélie Filippetti and Arnaud Montebourg astonished French people after the uncovering of their affair. This is not the first love story between politicians of the Fifth Republic, Mr Hollande had already plied it, but the resignation on the first one in the wake of the the dismissal of the second one might not be irrelevant.
  • On entertaining TV programmes: The focus won’t be on Valls’ wife performances with pop singers – she is a violinist – ; nor the satirical cartoons ‘Guignols de l’info’. On the daily talk “le Grand Journal”, some public people have private chats … in front of mainstream audience. Arnaud Montebourg, when he was in the opposition, uttered that « Ségolène Royal, applicant for French Presidency, had only one fault : his partner », François Hollande. First step to a long friendship between these two pundits of French Parti Socialiste. But the greatest howler was made by actor and humourist Stéphane Guillon on the same TV set asking his colleague Julie Gayet why the president François Hollande was so present during the movie shooting, well before Closer headline…
  • On Twitter: Killing off-the-record, Social Media turned essential for political communicators and some politicians tried to launch their own Twitter account. Some caricatural ones like Right European MP, Nadine Morano stirred reactions on Social Media. The most striking 140-character-long message by late first girlfriend Valérie Treirweiler showed his disapproval of presidential policy. Did the mother give ideas to his son? Leonard Treirweiler was still the first one to comment on Hollande’s talks and his new 2.0 interlocutor was being called Louis Sarkozy, son of the late president. Was it an overview of the upcoming presidential election?


  • On Books: More traditional way, political books are still good best sellers. Thank You for This Moment by Valérie Treirweiler, late example, was sold out in an outrageous number of bookshops. But launched by exclusive excerpts in magazines, Sarko m’a Tuer by journalists from Le Monde, may follow this buzz trend. Revealed by the magazine Nouvel Obs, the scandal brought out by Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme the unexpected meeting between Ex-French PM, François Fillon and Hollande’s top aide, Jean-Pierre Jouyet for keeping the track on Sarkozy’s campaign account. The battle is now legal, journalists won’t have any problem promoting their books but this scandal, still ongoing, might bring back linking for Nicolas Sarkozy and not questioning his past…


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