Fashion : new style on TV ? 

Look around everywhere, you turn to people who strike a pose. Yes, you are at Paris Fashion Week and it’s very Vogue! But as we are not privileged people admiring the waving goodbye of Jean-Paul Gaultier, we are quite numerous to watch Fashion … on TV!

“Because we are living in a material word and we are material girls.” French TV is very generous in this hexagonal savoir-faire and not only for catwalks on Fashion TV. Columnists, reporters and journalists have the monopoly of Fashion, Miss France tried to move ahead in this industry like Mareva Galanter, former lover of JC/Castelbajac, singer, pop star on satellite channel.

But the bible of the genre is definitively Habillée pour … The seasonal show hosted by Mademoiselle Agnès criticises with funny stories collections. This quirky humour is very usual on the very ‘hype’ channel Canal Plus which broadcasted the TV program. And one of his colleague, Loic Prigent, Fashion documentarist, spread the Black humour of Fashion backtages on his Twitter account.

But the revolution came from Brazil. Her name sounds like dancing on the beaches of Copacabana, she is called Cristina Cordula.


The Brazilian ex-model for Dior or Yves Saint Laurent found her way on the private channel M6 and has become the Fashion goddess for a mainstream audience. In the late 2000, the channel rode on the “coach” trend. And after cleaning nanny’s issues and restoration, fashion was the main issue. And when How to look good naked was broadcasted, Cristina Cordula started to spread her rebooking skills on screen in Nouveau Look pour une Nouvelle Vie.

Helpful, radical and intransigeant, the presenter recycled her advice given in her relooking agency. With his short dark hair and her very personal expressions, the Fashion host erased all her concurrents. Queen of her passion, she achieved this year to get as many as possible TV programmes. Four on the channel or on its network. And the new best-seller is Les Reines du shopping.

Dealing with consumerism, the TV contest testes 5 challengers, in love with Fashion, to dress according a theme and with a specific budget. This Come Dine With Me of shopping shows colourful eccentric talkative women who are as nice as the contestants of the Weakest Link. Mean but funny.


In the meanwhile, the Brazilian star launched the French version of The Great British sewing bee, Cousu main. Introduce DIY clothes in France! What a big challenge!! The TV program became fast a best seller (with an audience of 1 million 3). The dress making competition looks very British in the French television. With its feeling good tests, its entertaining historical point, and their rock’n roll applicants, the show is very different from classical hexagonal productions. But I had a look to The Great British sewing bee was astonished by the similarities: same contestants, same jury, same tests.

Same show? French program displays its national speciality. London Red brick Silk Street, areas of factory of British great designers, turns into very boho Rrose Selavy workshops, next to country like Montmartre and favorite area of sewing lovers. And Claudia Winkleman sounds more like Faustine Bollaert, TV presenter of the Great French Bake Off (Le Meilleur Pâtissier) and Rising Star than Cristina Cordula with the look of young Coco Chanel.


The Brazilian image consultant struggles to switch off his criticism eye and keeps enlightening the program with her “magnifyque”, “super styyle” or “sublyme”. The TV programme crossing the Channel tunnel ended with a worldwide success as the Canadian contestant Carmen won the show. The Grey hair lady wrapped up in this amusing sentence :“if someone had told me that a Canadian could have won the Sewing TV contest…”  Thank who? Thank you, International melting pot!


Let’s hang out together ! 




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