Head down to the Aligre market in Paris 

If Saturday nights are made with screaming covers of Beyoncé and broken wine glasses, Sunday morning in Paris sounds like cracks of wooden crates. And because I’m too old to get pissed after a hard day’s night, so we’re going to have a nice walk to the Alegre market.


As we’re passing through a food place on our own, it’s like having a big heavy dinner in a gastronomic restaurant all by ourselves – it’s very sad but it’s a part of French melancholia in a way. My plus one is called Elsa.


Going out with this funny friend, deep down I knew that this morning would be a pleasure for eyes but arouse our taste buds. This 26-year-old girl spent some many times speaking about new restaurants, chocolate and DIY recipes; so going through this market was a blessing for her. On our way to the Alegre market, I heard in Bastille some need of “apple” and “vanilla” and thought that our scrumptious journey was about to be so exotic! But she had already changed her plans by seeing all the bars of the covered market and wanted to focus on oranges.

What a strange choice for an early winter, coldness was growing seasonal products, such as soup basket, grapes and butternut.

But Elsa was still admiring this little “Ringis market” surrounded by urban graffitis and full of surprises. Laughing in front of horse meat stall, we were suddenly captivated by catchy colourful sunflowers. Like a memory of sunny Southern France, this very distant memory starring at puddles around the flowers (or was it a lake?). Hands were so willing to bush against roses or carnations. But autumn had reincarnated into thistles not as soft…

But no market stop with Elsa without chocolate, sweets or deserts. And following the advice of regular neighbours (it’s still the best city guide ever), we went, well, I had to follow Elsa running to her yummy passion. It’s not that I’m not yummy too but I’m less into desserts than her.  But still! I had to be honest and admit than Jojo and Co is a unique appetizing place! This spot presented a nice wide range of delicious pastries, cakes, biscuits or tarts.


Between religieuses (you know, these delicious chocolate-covered choux), cream puff pastries, chocolate cookies or traditional kugelhopfs (you can admire them on their website or on the Facebook page), I couldn’t resist to scones (bringing me back to tea places of Buckingham), Elsa had a lemon tart with basilic but I tasted it. Sweet and sour flavours in the mouth, I felt as if I was eating clouds of love!



Let’s hang out together !



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